Celebrating Silver Jubilee 2016
Department of Pharmacoinformatics

NIPER is now offering Master’s as well as Doctoral programme in Pharmacoinformatics. The M.S. (Pharm.) programme was started in 2003. NIPER has also recognized the need for super specialization and thereafter the Doctoral programme was introduced from 2007. Pharmacoinformatics is an emerging field which integrates bioinformatics and chemoinformatics along with pharmaceutics, pharmacology (ADME/toxicity), Pharmacy- informatics, medical-informatics and IPR issues relevant to drug discovery.

The Mission

To provide adequate and up-to-date training in the cutting edge technology and applications of genomics, proteomics, molecular modeling, combinatorial chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, IPR and modern computational techniques used for drug target and targeted drug discovery. Graduates of this course will be an integral part of the drug discovery and development team and act as a “unique interface between drug discovery scientists” of diverse disciplines in pharmaceutical industry.

  • To integrate the modern information technology to core sciences of drug discovery by exploiting the advantages of the modern fields like bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, toxicoinformatics, biomedical-informatics etc.
  • To teach the “art and science of drug discovery” for faster drug development.
  • To teach the information management tools and techniques in the field of biology, chemistry, pharmaceutics, toxicology and pharmacy practice.